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What’s Wrong with Our Medical System?

Over nearly two decades of medical practice, I am perplexed and disheartened by how mainstream medicine often overlooks the very foundation of good health: nutrition, physical fitness, and mental well-being.

Women of all ages experiencing changing menstrual cycles, fatigue, and even bone fractures are often handed a prescription and sent on their way with not a single question about their training and nutrient intake. Midlife women experiencing menopausal symptoms are met with the mere “you’re getting older” without exploring simple nutrition and movement strategies that could significantly improve their well-being.

The abyss that exists between mainstream medicine and the health and wellness industry is particularly problematic for women because our unique physiology changes dramatically at every life stage. This necessitates a dynamic and comprehensive health and wellness strategy so that she can thrive during every one of these stages.

How Did We Get Here?

So why does this “abyss” between the worlds of medicine and wellness exist? In my opinion, this apparent gap can be attributed to the challenge of keeping up with the evolving knowledge in both fields.

Specialization in medicine and the wellness industry results in the inability of professionals to cover a broad spectrum of expertise due to the overwhelming advancements in every subfield. This increasing sub-specialization creates “silos,” of high-level knowledge with no effective means to integrate them into a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to health and well-being. The key to taking women’s health to the next level is through a multi-disciplinary approach and effective integration of expertise.

A New Medical Model Emerges

Over the last decade, the need for an integrative approach to healthcare has been appreciated by some medical and wellness professionals. Functional Medicine providers are ahead of the curve as compared to their Allopathic counterparts in placing more emphasis on lifestyle and environmental factors as the foundation of care, as compared to a “pill to solve every ill”.

The fitness industry has also moved toward breaking down the walls of the silos. In 2018 the CrossFit industry recruited physicians worldwide for the initiative to “cure chronic disease” with the foundational principles of sound nutrition and physical fitness. As one of these recruited physicians, this experience was one of the most inspirational things I have ever done in my career. We trained with some of the most elite trainers in the industry and shared our passions as physicians who wanted to trailblaze a new model of medical care.

These initiatives have laid the foundation for medical providers and wellness professionals to come together and create a superior model of care that is individualized and comprehensive.

Now It’s My Turn.

It is with great excitement that I announce the upcoming launch of my medical practice in the fall of 2024 specializing in “Reproductive endocrine care for active and high-performing women from puberty through menopause”. This is the first Women’s tele-healthcare specialty concierge practice of its kind that integrates cutting-edge women’s endocrine care with individualized fitness and wellness resources through the Health and Wellness Concierge (HWC) service.

The HWC is composed of a team of “Concierges” who are highly credentialed and experienced in coaching active women and elite female athletes of all ages and athletic backgrounds. Every patient chooses a “Concierge” who helps connect them to the resources they need to achieve their health, wellness, and performance goals. The HWC program also provides clients with exclusive discounts on products and services from some of the most esteemed names in the fitness and wellness industry.

I will be accepting patients for medical consultation who reside in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, and California with additional states to be added as demand increases. If you do not live in these states but need help, I also offer non-medical Health and Wellness and Performance consultations to provide guidance and suggestions that you can take to your healthcare providers, coaches, and trainers for further discussion.

If you are looking for a new approach to your health, well-being and vitality, join the waiting list and be the first to be contacted! Appointment bookings will begin in November 2024 for visits beginning on January 2, 2025.

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