Who is it for?

Any woman – high-performing or otherwise – who is seeking guidance on their health and wellness and is not eligible for becoming a patient in the medical practice (launch January 2025) because they reside outside of NY, MA and FL.

What does a Health and Wellness Consultation entail?

  • Completion of a brief questionnaire.
  • 50 minutes live Zoom visit with Dr. DiGirolamo
  • Written summary of talking points and recommendations from the visit for your records to serve as talking points with your health care provider, coaches, and other wellness specialists.
  • Access to Dr. DiGirolamo’s extensive contacts in the medical, health, and wellness communities.

Is this a medical visit?

No. Due to medical licensing limitations, a formal doctor-patient relationship cannot be established if you live outside of Massachusetts, New York, or Florida. However, because of Dr. DiGirolamo’s expertise that spans fitness training, nutrition coaching and women’s health, she can provide a holistic approach to your situation and guidance that you can then take to your health care provider who will ultimately be responsible for your care.

I’m in! How do I get started?

  • Send Dr. DiGirolamo a message through the “contact” link briefly describing your situation.
  • Complete a short questionnaire.
  • Schedule your appointment via Dr. DiGirolamo’s online link
  • Settle your invoice to save your appointment slot.

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